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Klub 20 Gym In Beaconsfield!

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  Select Membership Type:
Select Membership Type:
Gym Access Open 24h/7
Gym Access Open 24h/7
Superbly Clean Gym
Superbly Clean Gym
Gym Access Open 24h/7
Gym Access Open 24h/7
Access to TechnoGym App
Access to TechnoGym App
Unlimited Group Exercise Classes
with experienced instructors
Unlimited Group Exercise Classes
with experienced instructors
  Women's Only Studio
Women's Only Studio
Spinning Studio
Spinning Studio
  Strength & Cardio Equipment
Strength & Cardio Equipment
  Functional Training Equipment
Functional Training Equipment
  Steam & Sauna Rooms
Steam & Sauna Rooms
  No Long Term Commitment
No Long Term Commitment
  Klub 20
Klub 20 Unlimited access to our 22,000 sq. ft. fitness facility!
  *Only for new members. *All Student memberships require valid school Photo ID. *Plus taxes.
*Only for new members. *All Student memberships require valid school Photo ID. *Plus taxes.


WE’RE OPEN 24h/7!


Workout any day, any weather, any time!

Audrey Gauthier

“I love this gym. Clean and beautiful.

Alexandra Boulanger

"Salle d'entrainement très bien équipée. Entraineurs qualifiés, et excellent service à la clientèle! J'aime beaucoup venir m'entrainer ici! Nice place, nice people, nice gym!”

Rachel Sutherland

“Great classes and a great team! They really give you the tools to build a routine that works for your lifestyle”

Olivier Lebrun

“Am happy as can be in my neighbourhood gym, friendly staff, always parking, equipment is great 👍🏻”

Gautier Lutz

“Super gym ! Personnel accueillant, endroit propre, machines modernes et variées. Je recommande!”

Cynthia B

"Great first day of training! Stephanie, my PT was awesome!”

Josee DiTomasso

“Gym is very clean and all social rules are being adhered to!”

Samantha Mannarino

“love Klub 20! Great classes, clean and spacious”

Diane Fleury

“The gym very clean, all new machines, The machines are easy to operate very user friendly

Samantha Cusano

“Amazing gym. Always clean and amazing staff”

Tatiana Receveur

“Love this gym !! So many great classes”

Nele Seuntjens

“Love this place! There’s all kind of classes with really great instructors!”

Carl Bird

“I love this gym. Clean and beautiful.

Jane Webb

“Very clean and friendly. Love the hidden women's section, nice and quiet and a good area to gain confidence as you start on a fitness regime”

Andrea Richard

“Really great and encouraging environment! Very clean”


  • Open 24 hours / 7 Days!

  • 22,000 Square Foot Facility!

  • Superbly Clean Gym

  • Over 40+ group exercise classes a week (Spinning, Yoga, Bootcamp, Abs, TRX, Zumba, On The Ball, and more)

  • Top of the line equipment (Cardio, Strength machines, Free weights)

  • Functional Training Equipment with Turf Section

  • Women’s Only Steam & Sauna Rooms

  • Men’s only Steam & Sauna Rooms

  • Women Only Studio (Mini Gym)

  • All private individual showers

  • 1 on 1 Personal Training

  • Group Personal Training (Group PT)

  • Snack & Shake Bar

  • Private Keyless Lockers

  • Parking lot (Free)

  • BONUS: If you refer a friend you will receive 1 month free. If you refer more friends you will receive additional months free (unlimited)!

*Multiple people cannot refer the same person. Only 1 person can obtain the bonuses for each unique person they refer. *All Student memberships require valid school Photo ID

“Health is not valued until sickness comes.” – Thomas Fuller

When we get sick we tell ourselves in our head, “Please go away, I’ll do whatever it takes!” The only thing we care about at that time is to go back to normal and feel better again.

We may not be able to control what happens to us in 1 year from now, let alone tomorrow, however we can control what we do in the present moment with the decisions we make towards our health, by taking control of our mental and physical health right now.

You can positively change your life everyday to fight off and prevent cancers, heart disease, weak immune system, and a countless number of other health complications. Overcome them with 4 major daily decisions that you are in control of; Your first 3 decisions are the 3 meals you eat and drink everyday, and your 4th decision is to follow your exercise routine that fits your schedule (and if you don’t have one, make one! or get help from people and establishments that actually care).

The next time you are feeling down or unmotivated, remind yourself of your fitness goal and why your health is priority! Without the best version of you, you can’t take care of others who depend on you and you can continue spending hundreds of hours/days/months/years of good times with your friends and family.
We do not want it to be the other way around by putting our friends and family members in a position to take care of us. Start with self-care first, and let’s eliminate those statistics.


Amazing location, with large parking lot:

50 Bd Saint-Charles, Beaconsfield, QC H9W 2X3, Canada


50 Blvd. St-Charles, Beaconsfield, QC, H9W2X3



Phone Number:

(514) 505-3555

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