📽 “On-Screen” are classes located inside our amazing spinning studio. For those who want different classes at the same hours of other classes. You can follow the instructor on the BIG screen. All other classes still have instructors like usual. Cheers!


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It combines cardio and endurance, calorie crushing session. Not only is it great for giving you all the cardiovascular gains, but it is great at toning muscles to make you super strong with ultra motivating choice of music.

Yoga Fusion (Vivian)

It is a combination of flowing yoga poses mixed with other movement modalities like Pilates, bodyweight exercises, proprioception balance training. The class is designed to work on flexibility, mobility, strength, and core. You will gain a better body awareness and zen. It is a multi-level class, and options are given for each movement.

Yogalates (Lana)

This is a Yoga-Pilates inspired class. Moving through Yoga sequences and Pilates series that focuses on your core. It's a strengthen and lengthen flow. Learn to connect with the breath while practicing expansion and contraction movement in each pose. Increase both your flexibility and strength. I like to call my class a well-rounded flow that leaves you with a well-being feeling, a selfcare class

Spinning (Seydney)

In this classes we ride on beat to upbeat music alongside throwback songs. The class will incorporate playing with the resistance, climbing, sprinting and dancing. Get ready to sweat, push yourself and have a good time. All levels are welcome.

Power Yoga (Victoria)

Improves your flexibility, builds strength, develops mind control and endurance in the entire body. She puts emphasis on the alignment, breathing and to be mindfully aware of your bodies developing a strong core and coordination improving balance, posture and wellbeing.

Pilates (Victoria)

Pilates class main focus is on core however, you can expect to see strength gains in your arms and legs. Positions and movements used to activate core rely on extremities to control &/or apply loads to the core and likewise will benefit the entire body. It's demanding, but it's not the kind of workout that always works up a sweat. It’s all about concentration and breathing. But you’ll definitely feel it in your muscles during each exercise. It will improve you posture, balance and wellbeing in general.

Pilayoga (Victoria)

Is a great combination of the Pilates and yoga class starting with Pilates building core and endurance, toning the entire body finishing with yoga building mind-control, stretching, flexibility and balance. Learning how to breathe to keep our mind focus and our soul in peace. When we finished we feel great and full of energy.

Yogalates (Susan)

A class designed to incorporate a combination of Yoga poses and Pilates exercises followed by a Final relaxation .

Spinning (Susan)

Cardio cycle class including a warm up, various hills, jumps and sprints throughout the class. Includes a final cool down and stretch at the end.

Warrior Spin or HIIT and Hills (Dana)

High intensity training intervals (HIIT) are combined with challenging climbs to offer a great workout for every fitness level! Get ready to sweat to great music in a high-energy class targeting both endurance and power.


Full body workout that involves cardio and resistance training to increase strength and agility.

TABATA (Tanya)

This highly effective internal class is divided into clearly defined intervals - typically 20 seconds of maximum effort work followed by a 10 second rest. Exercises vary from cardio, bodyweight to resistance options.

Yoga Flow (Tim)

Tim enjoys guiding Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin yoga practices. With a focus on breath, alignment, and creating a peaceful practice space, Tim will encourage participants to adapt and modify their postures to better suit their needs, abilities, limitations, and energy level. Fluently bilingual and having completed over 600 hours of CYA yoga trainings and workshops, including practicing with injuries, feel free to talk to Tim anytime before or after class.

Power Yoga (Jasper)

A moderate-intensity class that involves traditional yogic warm up exercises and postures, along with strengthening exercises for the core, legs, and upper body. Intermittent relaxation is included and focus is placed on the breath.

Cardio Tone (Lynn)

It is a full body workout specifically designed to strengthen and condition the body. We use a variety of weights and props to maximize your workout.

Yogalates (Lynn)

It is a class which combines traditional yoga poses and stretches with Pilate style movements. We focus on strengthening legs and core and finish with a soothing stretch.

Zumba (Lisbeth)

The perfect Combination of latin and world rhythms, aerobics and lots of fun without noticing that you are exercising. Choreographies are simple and fast, making you burn lot of calories and exercise your memory at the same time.

Bootcamp (Shane)

High intensity training using a variety of methods, I.e., body weight and weighted exercises, steps, TRX suspension trainers as well as various machines in the gym itself (rowers, treadmills, turf, etc.... Expect a different and challenging workout every class with great energy and lots of fun!

Zumba (Hercy)

It is a form of dance fitness classe, where you dance to different kinds of music. Originally started inspired on Latin-Ameri an rhythms, such as salsa, merengue, Cumbria, reggaeton; and lately, it’s added other types of modern music, like hip hop, Bollywood and others.

Bodyworks (Jocelyne)

Full Body workout plan using weights and other props for Big Gains in balance, strength and stability and all in just 60 minutes.

Stretch & Strength (Jocelyne)

No weights in this class but plenty of body weight exercises incorporating props to assist with stretching, strengthening and plenty of "Core" activation!

Cardio Plus (Jocelyne)

Full out cardio in this high energy class focusing on full-body movements and cardio fitness and ending with some full body stretching.

Glute Toning (Sierra)

The class is a muscular endurance workout made to target the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps as well as strengthen the core. The class is split into 4 main blocks, each consisting of 3 different exercises. Each exercise follows a 45 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest interval and the sets are repeated 3 times. This workout is lower weight and high repetition and flexible to be done at your own pace within the interval.

Glute Toning (Gabriele)

It is a Cardio conditioning class that emphasizes on lower body strength and hypertrophy training. The goal for this class is to lose weight and creating toned muscle while doing so.

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