beginners guide to the gym Klub Athletik

Ever walked into a gym and thought... what am I doing here? You made the commitment to go - now what's stopping you from going inside?

Klub Athletik is a judgment free environment. We welcome all shapes, sizes and ages. We also welcome your questions.



TechnoGym equipment used by the Olympics

TechnoGym equipment used by the Olympics

Cardio Equipment (e.g. treadmill, elliptical, bikes etc.)

Most pieces of cardio equipment have a quick start option to make it easier to get started. Simply get on your chosen piece of equipment, start the motion then press the quick start button. From this point you can adjust resistance and speed as required.
Before getting on a treadmill ensure the belt is not in motion, it can make for a painful first experience if you get on a moving treadmill without noticing. If the belt is moving hit the stop button and then begin.
Wipe down all cardio equipment after use-towel and spay stations are located throughout the facility.

Resistance Equipment (weights)

Don't try to lift or push too much in your first session. This is a common mistake by beginners and you want to make sure that you can move the next day! You can increase the weights as you become more familiar with your bodies capabilities.
Always replace weights back onto their stands when finished.

Terminology you may hear

Rep: Short for repetitions. One full movement on a piece of equipment.
Set: A collection of reps equals one set

Klub Group Exercise (KGX)

Klub Group Exercise (KGX)

KGX (Klub Group Exercise)

KGX Class Schedules are available online (here) or at our Member Services Desk.
Let the instructor(s) know you are new so they can offer some good advice before the class or as it progresses.
If you feel a little uncoordinated at your first class, then welcome to the club! Don't expect to pick up all the moves first time.
Classes will follow a similar routine for a few weeks so you can master the moves. Over time you will understand the basics and follow the class with ease.
Try a number of classes to see where you get the most benefit and also what you most enjoy!

Enjoy your journey to a healthier you!