#ExerciseIsMedicine with Patricia

#ExerciseIsMedicine with Patricia Ortega weight loss transformation

My name is Patricia Ortega, I'm 49 years old and a mother to four autistic children. I arrived in Montreal 20 years ago with my family; over the years, I slowly gained weight to reach my heaviest at 213 pounds. My journey into fitness started 5 years ago when a friend asked me to join the gym with her. The first year, I didn't see any results: I only did 20 min of cardio and didn’t change my diet. When I decided to change my eating habits my weight finally started to slowly drop. In 2015, I decided to take a step further and hired a personal trainer. I have had one ever since. I am happy to say I have lost a total of 81 pounds. I attribute my success to exercise and god for helping me cope with life's hardships. I feel that I regained control over my body, mind and self-esteem. I hope that the discipline that I showed and my story will inspire others to live a happier and healthier life.